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Curved Glass with Photo Frame and Custom Etching

$ 25.00

CURVED GLASS with PHOTO FRAME: Hand crafted etched glassware - personalized...idea for Personal Gift, Special Occasional and Event, Promotional Item, Recognition or Award...Several "designs" and "logos" options to choose for Sports or Activities...Various size of curved glass and size photo with vertical or horizontal photo frame on one side/portion of glass with etching on the other portion of the glass:

3-1/2x5-vertical photo frame $25.00

3-1/2 x5-vertical photo frame: with custom etching script $30.00

2x3-vertical photo frame:$18.00

4x5-horizontal photo frame $30.00

CUSTOM ITEM and SPECIAL ORDERS: please contact via email <> for specific etching and quantity of glassware in stock...CUSTOM ITEM and SPECIAL ORDERS: allow 7 to 10-days for processing order; will keep you posted of the order status, with notice when order is complete and the expected delivery by shipper.

For GROUPS OR TEAMS we can offer discounted price per item for quantity of initial order.