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Custom Glass and Mirror Etching: Home and Commercial Decor, and Window Signage

$ 75.00

SOUTHROAD GLASS ETCHING has been creating beautiful custom designed, carved glass art since 1999. Magnificent architectural etched and carved glass elements such as carved and layered glass doors, glass entry systems, decorative etched windows and transoms, mirrors, carved glass bath and shower enclosures, glass tables, dividers, and partitions become works of art when created in carved and etched glass by Southroad Enterprises.  

We offer and specialize in On-Site Glass Etching which fills a unique niche for large glass/mirror as the design or logo is etched onto the surface in-place as installed at the job-site. This is a far more practical process than waiting for the glass/mirror to be sent to and from a facility to be worked on, as the client is not left with the worry of how to cover up or weatherproof the space. 

On-Site Glass Etching is suitable for businesses, schools, nurseries, municipal and residential areas, as well as occupied areas and food service operations, since there is no dust or harmful fumes and no nose from the process - our chemical (chemical – not acid) process differs from the mess, dust and dirt, and nose from the sand carving (sand blasting) process.

All work is hand crafted…pricing is based upon the size and design of etching, and calculated upon the factors for materials for each individual project: contact with your specifications for an estimate/range and a basic calculation.

Most items and photos range from basic $75.00 to $300.00.