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Etching Products - Tools and Accessories

$ 29.97

SOUTHROAD ENTERPRISES is composed of three multiple product and service subsidiaries each having a separate function within the overall organization structure.

The primary Product and Service is etchall® marketed by Agreement with B & B Etching Products, Inc. for
the etchall® products as Distributor; and certified by the manufacturer   as a qualified user and product demonstrator. 


ETCHALL of TENNESSEE consists of the Retail and Wholesale Distribution of a complete line etching products, tools and accessories, and marketing of the etchall® etching products.  

Re-usable 4-oz etching creme  $20.99

Squeegee                                     $3.99

Stencil Cutting and Pick Knife     $4.99 

Resist Gel (4-oz tube)                $13.99

STARTER SET: 4-oz Re-usable product, Squeegee, Stencil Cutting and Pick Knife:       Total Retail Price $29.97 offered as Total Package INCLUDING Tax and Shipping within the Continental United States.

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