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$ 32.00

COUPLE'S WEDDING CAKE - Wedding Cake Plate to Commemorate the Event with two toasting flutes; hand crafted etched glass plate personalized and special wording for your event - also suitable for any special occasion or event of remembrance, of recognition, or an anniversary...Plates vary by supplies and manufacturer; usually are 8 to 9-inch plate with an etching surface in center of 5 to 6-inches for wording...Several "designs" and "logo" options to choose from upon a request for a particular: Wedding, Special Event or Occasion, or a seasonal theme.  

Plate w/2-flutes package $48.00

Plate $32.00 

COUPLE'S GLASS SAND CONTAINER [8-in x 8-in x 4-in] for Ceremony: hand craft etched glass block personalized: the "Individual's" first name, "new couple's" LAST Name, and the Date of the Marriage...cost can vary due to local supply and market price.

TOASTING FLUTES: personalized and customized set for your special occasion...various options of designs and logos, and layout for etching to choose from or create your own...glasses available in several shape/style and stem length.

"Bride" and "Groom" - "Her" and "Him"  $10.00-pair

Couple's "Individual" name on each flute $16.00-pair

Couple's "Individual" "Couples"s Names" and "Logo" OR "Date" $18/$19-pair 

Please contact via email <> for specific etching and quantity of glassware in stock...CUSTOM ITEM and SPECIAL ORDERS: allow 7 to 10-days for processing order; will keep you posted of the order status, with notice when complete and the expected delivery by shipper.