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Recycled Wine Bottle - Wine Bottle Lights

$ 16.00

WINE BOTTLE LIGHT - recycled wine bottle converted to electric lamp; electric cord approx 12 to 18 inch long extending from lower/back of bottle $16.00 for basic wine bottle light...

Price ranges from $20 to $25.00 for 6-ft electric cord with in-line switch...Various color of bottles: mostly of an amber, brown, greenish in color, white frosty; with either white or blue only, or multiple color mini-lite bulbs inside...

Please contact <> for specific bottle in stock, and color of lights inside of bottle.

Allow 7 to 10-days for processing order; will keep you posted of the order status, with notice when order is complete and the expected delivery of shipper...SEE ALSO Liquor Bottle Lamps.