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a_Wine Glass and Goblets - Custom Etch for season or event/occasion

$ 12.00

WINE GLASS and GOBLET - Glass ware, glassware, barware, drinking glasses, flutes, wine glasses, goblets: Hand crafted (not machine or mechanically produced) etched glassware - personalized for the special occasion...Several "seasonal" and theme design options to choose from or create your own...glasses available in several shape/style and stem length...For Like Item - and same etching $18.00/pair of 2, set of 4 for $30.00 - can also do set of 6 or 8 for quantity sliding price scale of Like-Item and same design/logo order.

Please contact via email <> for specific etching and quantity of glassware in stock...CUSTOM ITEM and SPECIAL ORDERS: please allow 7 to 10-days for processing order.